Money ≠ happiness.
But organizing your money will help.



Hi, I’m Tonia

I believe we are all born unique; each with our own special gift. Ever since I was a little girl I knew that my superpower was money management and organization. Hell, my favorite childhood toy was a cash register! I have truly had a lifelong romance with money and it's my passion to share that with my clients.

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1. Focus
2. Foundation
3. Freedom
4. Flow
(5. Fun*)

Tonia offers easy help for your financial woes. Walking through the four phases of to financial flow, she gets you on track to your goals for your life and finances.

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How to Make Money Work for You:

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I feel true freedom and EMPOWERED. I feel in charge. I feel abundant. I feel deep value in myself. I now look forward to finding ways to save and use all the money I didn’t know I had. It has become a fun game that I am winning at, FINALLY!

Melissa DeTroy

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